GAME OVER is supporting the CCPE

The third charity we are working with is the CCPE (Centre for Counselling And Psychotherapy Education).

The CCPE provides a range of low to mid level cost counselling which is open to all. 

This is provided by both qualified therapists and students close to completing their training.  The course itself takes in a variety of different approaches, including a focus on the spiritual.

Dave Bain, the director of Skitzoid Productions said,

"As someone who is finishing my training, I've witnessed first hand the care the CCPE staff bring to both their students and their clients.  People in suicidal crisis can often feel overwhelmed with feelings of isolation and despair.  As a therapist, it's important to bring a sense of hope, and the CCPE training has equipped me well to do this."

A member of staff will be on hand on Thursday 5th July to give a brief overview of their approach, and there will be an opportunity to make a donation to the charity at the end of the night.

For more information on the CCPE visit

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