Post preview thoughts

Hi there.

I'm Dave, the writer and director of GAME OVER.

It's been just over a week since our first (ever) preview, and I think I've finally emerged from a post performance foggy haze.  I can't tell what a beautiful experience it was to finally see GAME OVER performed last Monday.  It's taken four years to get to this point, and at times, it felt like it would never happen.  However, it's been wonderful to hear the feedback from people that attended last week.  It felt like we gave people a good night out, but they also took something away from the show on an emotional level too.  I will post a selection of people's comments later today.

Big thank you to everyone who came or was involved.  This production was a real labour of love, but it wouldn't have been possible without the support of everyone else around me.  Firstly, huge thanks to my wife, who was not only the first person to read the script (always scary), but has been unflinching in her encouragement and positivity.  She was also in the play, and extremely funny.

Secondly, big shout out to Natalie, the director of Maytree.  Natalie was the second person to read the script, and has been hugely supportive across the last three years.  She's also acted as a producer, giving me notes on the text, coming to auditions and generally trouble shooting problems.  Natalie - you are a GAME OVER hero.

Lastly - a big shout out to our wonderful cast - both on and off the stage.  It's been such a privilege to work with you across the last two weeks.  You've been sensitive to the material and extremely generous with each other.  I count myself as lucky to have gone on this journey with you  (yes, it's getting pretty luvvie now isn't it?).

This performance raised two thousand pounds for Maytree, but we don't want to stop there.  We are definitely going to be moving forward with a longer run; for one, I know that Death is very keen to come back - he feels he got a bit short changed last week.  We will have further announcements about our future plans very soon, so keep an eye on our twitter feeds.  You can also sign up to our mailing list using our contact form.

In the meantime, thanks for reading and take care.


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