Audience feedback

Audience feedback from our GAME OVER preview:

“Absolutely loved the play”

“An amazing play.  Was in tears at some parts and hooting at others.  Dealt with such a sensitive topic with real grace and creativity”

“Fulfilling … great music”

“Made me think about suicide and how to deal with it … it touched me a very big way”

"A great and daring concept"

“Wonderful … there was such talent amongst the actors”

“I loved the grim reaper”

"Great dialogue"

"It made me laugh and think about my life … the value of it"

“Quirky, lively and entertaining"

"I was humming the songs all the way home"

“A show that treated suicide with tenderness and humour”

“Incredible … showed a serious subject in a sensitive way”


“Drained, uplifted, speechless … like seeing a good movie”


Thanks to everyone who took the time to give us feedback.

Watch video extracts from our audience feedback here.

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